Thursday, August 13, 2009

Song Festival and Random Stuff

Song Festival was Thursday morning/afternoon. Staff met at school at 9am and was shuttled to the hall for the performance. The kids had just got there and were exiting the buses as we pulled up. We gathered our class and wandered into the building for a quick rehearsal. The building was pretty large about 4 stories all together and is usually used as a wedding hall. A-J classes piled into the main room and each class did half of their song and was then shuffled down to the basement where tables and chairs were set up. Jessica and I had brought paper and stuff for the kids to use while we waited. Classes were broken up into 3 groups with ours being the last of the final group (lots of sitting for little people). As we waited the kids changed into their costumes for the performance. When it was our turn we scaled the 3 flights of stairs back to the main hall. The whole performance lasted about 5 minutes included a paparazzi line of parents taking tons of pictures. After the kids were done there was more waiting. Each group took a class photo and posed for more pictures. We wrapped up about noon and the kids left for the day.

In the afternoon I got to observe another classroom for a bit and then did some planning.

For dinner I met up with one of my coworkers and some of her friends for Korean BBQ. It was super delish and there was tons of food. The whole table was covered with different things.

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