Friday, August 7, 2009


I got to LAX around 10:30am and said my see you laters to my family and walked through the doors at the terminal to check in for my 2pm flight. I had two super heavy bags and didn't know what the weight charge would be. I checked the bags and handed over $120 for the two bags. They were about 50kg over weight. After I had my ticket I milled around for a bit and then for a comfy place near a outlet to hang and watch Mad Men while waiting for the flight. The flight left about 2:30pm and off we went. I slept on and off during the flight and got to watch some awful films along the way (She's Just Not That Into You, Wolverine, and some Korean film with English subtitles. Airplane food is Airplane food regardless of where you are going. I had a choice of a Korean meal or some stale American meal. I opted for the one with the better looking fruit bowl.

When I finally landed at ICN I had to fill out paperwork saying I didn't have the swine flu, and proceeded to get my bags and head to customs. Once I had everything in order I found a large sign with my name on it and followed the guy to a SUV waiting outside. We loaded the car and off we went. It was about 7pm Korean time once we left the airport and starting to get dark. The hour ride was done in complete silence which was fine because I was pretty tired from the day. There were about 4 toll booths along the highway but I have no clue what it cost.

I arrived at my temporary apartment and was greeted by three smiling faces. We took the bags upstairs and I was allowed to breathe for minute. I threw on a pair of jeans and off we went for the evening.

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