Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In General So Far

Things have started to level out for the most part. My observation days are coming to an end and I will be teaching full days very soon. The teacher I am replacing (Jessica) will be leaving next week and then things are pretty much in my hands. As of now I am still waiting for my Alien Registration Card, and to move into my permanent housing. Once I get my Alien Card I will be able to do things like get a bank account, cell phone, and officially get the internet. One of the super cool things about Korea is things are close enough to walk to, so that means I can throw my Ipod on and wander. I've been able to listen to lots of new album like the Arctic Monkeys - Humbug, Good Shoes - Good Shoes, and rediscover some quality albums like The Strokes - Is This It and some of The National's older stuff. In constant rotation have been The Airborne Toxic Event, Henry Clay People, and Castledoor (all three because the remind me of home and they are awesome albums.)

I've met some really awesome people so far and I am only 1.5 weeks in. Looking forward to things to come.

I'll leave you with some random pictures so far.

Can't even get away for American Apparel on the other side of the world.

These are some of the Korean bug catchers in my neighborhood. Found these guys at the park.

Random Korean public restroom

A little inspiration after having to use the random Korean public restroom

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