Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day at LCI

My first day of classroom observations went really well.  I got to LCI at 9am and there was a staff meeting scheduled.  Literally 15 of us (10 foreign teachers and 5 Korean teachers) sat around a table and discussed kids and curriculum for 30 minutes.  This is a huge change from the last few years of staff meetings I've grown accustomed to.  The foreign staff seems super cool and I look forward to exploring Korea with them.  There was a solid mix of fresh off the boat teachers and ones who had been at the school for a good period of time.  The teacher I'm taking over for is named Jessica and shes just about done with her year in Korea.  She was very helpful in breaking things down about the program and answered the millions of questions I had for her.  Our first class (J Class) went from 9:30am-2:20pm, and is a advanced English speaking morning kindergarten class.  The kids have some of the most energy I have ever seen.  The session was broken up between English dialogue lessons, lots of work books, story time, and an activity time.  There were 10 kids in this class and they are a lot of fun.  One boy Junu, was particularly interested in the fact that I had facial hair.  He was amazed by the fact that it matched the color of the hair on my head.  The next class came in at 2:30pm after a full morning of Korean school.  We had them for a little less then two hours.  This group was very busy and very curious about this new person in the room.  Towards the end of the second group I began to notice little heads popping up next to the window along with tons of waving.  This went on for about 10 minutes, until the bell rang and they were allowed in. The last group came in at 4pm and was awesome.  They also had had a full day of Korean school before attending language school at LCI.  This group was the mellowest out of the three and was a nice shift from the first two groups.  The group was bright and very curious.  Again their session consisted of workbook time but there was also a bit of creative writing.  One boy in particular Jaheo was amazed by the fact that I was so tall.  Now for the record I'm not abnormally tall by any stretch of the imagination but this boy was in awe of my size.  He asked at the end of the session if I was born as a giant or if I grew into one.  On that not I'm going to call it a day.  I haven't been posting many pictures because I don't have my own internet yet and I have been stealing it from the Flying Unicorn connection somewhere in my building and its a bit sketchy.  So more pictures once I have internet that is reliable.  

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