Friday, August 7, 2009

First Night in Korea

After a 13 hour flight I was pretty much ready to curl up and go to bed, but the 3 people waiting for me at my apartment had other plans. As we left the apartment they inquired about my favorite food.... I told them I really liked pizza so off we went down an alley for about 300 yards and we popped out in the middle of a busy street lined with huge signs and lots of young people walking around. On the third floor of what appeared to be a random building was a room labeled billiards and darts. We walked in and it looked like a cool bar from back in the states. The jukebox might as well had been a feed from KROQ because there was lots of Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters. My new Korean friends explained this bar was known for the pizza and beer selection. The pizza ended up being a bit crummy but the Guinness hit the spot. We played darts for a bit and left to find a taxi.

The taxi took us to AK Plaza which is a courtyard littered with eateries and shops. We went to an awesome Korean restaurant for soju and more food. We ordered a super delish spicy chicken plate and played and interesting drinking game. After food and soju we were off to norebang (karaoke). A long flight, lack of sleep, and soju made norebang an entertaining adventure.

Wandering the city on my own today. Ill post some pictures in the next day or two.


  1. One question? How are the girls.....

  2. The brilliance of a personal blog is incalculable. Well done on first night karaoke, and the bit about the states pub came to life via your descriptions. Love it buddy. Talk to you soon.

  3. (your blog) reminds me of that one scene on that one movie called (?) the name of the movie escapes me but that one guy from that one show is in it. oh and shannyn sossamon is in it also..."rules of attraction". very entertaining...