Monday, August 10, 2009

Lotte Mart

I finally found my way to the elusive Lotte Mart. Lotte Mart is a super crummy version of Target but it was a relief to be able to purchase some groceries. I had narrowed down the location of Lotte Mart online but still got lost. I ended up at Samsung Plaza and ran into a French gentleman that was able to point me in the right direction. On the way to Lotte I found the local movie theater that shows both foreign and Korean films. I noticed they were showing Up, GI Joe, and Harry Potter.

Lotte Mart ended up being directly on the other side of the theater. They had a variety of foods there. Lots of fruits and sea food, but lots of Korean versions of stuff from home.

Starting observations of the different grades I'll be teaching tomorrow morning. Should be insightful to what the next few months have to hold.


  1. Your posts are vivid. 7/11 is the single most important entity I came across in asia. Post more pics

  2. Gotta love those Korean Frosted Flakes.