Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Medical Exam and Alien Card

I went for my medical exam on Tuesday. The school utility guy P.S. came and picked me up from my apartment to go to the Bundang hospital for my medical examination. It was about a 10 minute drive and was right next to Seongnam 2 Stadium where the Seongnam Ilhwa play. The hospital was pretty massive and there were tons of people there. It didn't feel like a hospital does in the States (sickly and diseased) it just felt like an office building. The exam consisted of checking my teeth, blood work, a vision test, and a chest x-ray. There was also a form I had to fill out stating I didn't have swine flu because for some reasons the Koreans are super paranoid about it. The exam was super quick and painless.

After the medical exam P.S. came back to my house to collect my passport and ₩15,000 ($12) so I could apply for my alien registration card. The alien card allows me to get utilities, a cell phone, INTERNET (very important), and a bank account. P.S. said the process takes about a week so I'm counting down the days till then.

Totally off topic but on my brain. There's lots of football (soccer in the US, been yelled at twice already for calling it that) coming up and I'm super stoked for it. Wednesday the US has Mexico in Mexico City which will be an awesome match, and the EPL starts Saturday. Fulham takes on Portsmouth which should be a solid start to the season.

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