Saturday, August 22, 2009

Seoul Racecourse Park

Saturday afternoon a group of us piled onto a packed bus to headed to Seoul Racecourse Park. I had no idea what to expect but was amazed at how passionate Korean's are about horse races. The bus didn't take us all the way to the track so we had to transfer to the subway to get us there. There was a specific stop for the track called Seoul Racecourse Park.


We got there about halfway through the 12 race afternoon and stopped to check out the horses before making our way to the lounge.


The complex was pretty enormous and had a section specifically dedicated to Foreigners. The Foreigner Lounge housed about 50 leather La-Z-Boy's and had all of the race materials translated into English. Everyone got a very official badge to wear also.


We watched a few of the races from the lounge and then decided to head down to ground level for the last 2 races. There were tons of people milling around between races. The stairs were littered if losing betting slips and cigarette butts. As we were waiting in between races a Korean man walked right over to us and wanted to have a conversation in Korean. No clue what so ever what he was trying to communicate, but it was entertaining to say the least.


After our stimulating conversation with the Korean guy we wandered to the finish line for the last race. The odds board was a bit different then home but I ended up doing something right because I won 10 bucks on the race!

Seoul Racecourse Park pictures

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