Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Song Festival and Butterfinger Pancakes

Tomorrow the kids from all the Morning Kinder classes are putting on a Song Festival for all the parents. Each class A-J will be singing a song in English to show the parents. I guess the parents are paying a ton of money for the school so they want to see what they are paying for. So there is no Morning Kinder just the Song Festival. The school rented out a huge hall and and the kids are singing songs that vary from Disney stuff to the Beatles. From what the other Foreign teachers have said any opportunity to take pictures is always jumped upon by the parents and the school. I was looking at the schedule and the performance is scheduled to run for about and hour and photo time is scheduled for an hour also. Kind of interesting if you ask me.

I met the last group of kids today that I'll be teaching over the course of the year. They are a 4th grade class and are absolutely hilarious. One of the boys Charlie is the string bean of a boy with goofy glasses. The first thing he did when he walked in was get right up to my face with his nose almost touching mine, and let out the biggest chuckle I had heard in a long time. There are 9; I believe in this group and they have such a mix of personalities that its going to make for a fun class.

After work today I went out to dinner with 2 of the other teachers Jessica (whom I am taking over for) and Amanda. We were going to go to a sushi restaurant, (I know, I know, I know. Sushi and Stuart don't usually go together but I was feeling adventurous.) but it ended up being super expensive so we left. We ended up walking around a bit and they pointed out some of the places around ton, until we ended up at Butterfinger Pancakes. This place would not only survive in LA but it would thrive. It was an American style restaurant that specialized in breakfast foods. I was so relieved to have found it. Mitch Hedberg sums up just how I felt about this place, "In Kilkenny Ireland, they don't have anything American over there, it's very cool. But they did have a Subway sandwich shop. That was the one thing they had American, and that became the American Embassy to me. I would go out into a bar and
piss off an Irish dude and have him chase me into a Subway. I said, "Dude, I'm sorry, but you're out of your jurisdiction. But you can have a cold cut combo to go."

Song Festival tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some pictures up in the next few days.

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