Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saturday night after the horse races we went out to Hongdae for a going away evening for Jessica, Tara, and Joel. This was my first time in Hongdae and it had an interesting feel to it. Hongdae is located right next to Hongik University and it had a very cool vibe. The mixture of people was a very cool mix of foreigners and Korean university students. There were tons of bars and clubs similar to Mexico, but there were cool boutique shops and restaurants like you would see on Melrose. Another super cool thing about the area was the fact that there were tons of street vendors throughout the area. The vendors sold things like Goodwill style sunglasses, jewelry, food, and there was even a lady that had set up a mixed drink stand.

The bestest meal I have had since I arrived!!!

We went to a variety of different places varying from a lounge atmosphere, to an open mike hip hop club, to a dance party. The first place we went to was a very mellow laid back lounge bar. Bar snacks are a bit different then at home and at this place they resembled packing peanuts disguised as Fruit Loops.


There were about 20 people there hanging out including us. Later in the evening a DJ came out along with a guy playing a didgeridoo. We hung here before retiring to a different watering hole.


Our next stop was to a little underground bar that was hosting an open mike hip hop night. The scene was pretty laid back and the guys on stage were decent. We were in and out quickly before moving along.


Next on the list was a place call 500. It had a super cool Middle Eastern vibe going on and each group of people got their own cave area to sit. The caves were lined with cushions to sit on.


500 was a really cool concept and had a dance floor for dancing and starting your own drum circle. There weren't very many people at 500 but it was a lot of fun.


Monday is my last day of official "observation" and then the class will be mine. Wednesday I'll be moving into my new apartment (which has air conditioning), so I can finally unpack and start settling in. It will be nice to not have to pull my clothes out of a suitcase. Also this week my alien card should arrive which will allow me to get a cell phone, bank account, and other important stuff like that. Other than that it should be a quite week. Maybe I'll go check out a palace or something cool like that later in the week. I'll keep you posted.

Listening to the Bird and the Bee polite dance song.

Hongdae Pictures

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