Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Camera = Lots of new pictures, Lost wallet = Sad Face

I bought a new camera about a week ago and can't get enough of it. I upgraded from the Nikon D60 to the Nikon D300. The D60 was a great jump off camera and I learned a lot using it. I found a super deal on craigslist for the D300 and have been shooting with ever since.

My wallet on the other hand is nowhere to be found. It magically disappeared on the walk from my apartment to Tom n Toms coffee. Pretty sucky if you ask me. My mom just happened to have sent me a new card that came to her house, so I have access to my account at home but I have to get a new Korean card. There was about $50 bucks in it and that was the only stuff that was lost with any monetary value, but I had some pictures of my family and a coin my dad kept in his wallet before he passed. Kind sucky. Maybe with will turn up but I doubt it.

Here are some pictures from the new camera.



Evening in Bundang

Evening in Bundang

Friday Night in Bundang
Random Korea

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  1. I wanted to grab those blue glasses when they were just sitting on that tree decoration...