Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at Work

Thursday we had a Christmas celebration for the morning kindergarten classes. The school is split on two floors. I was asked to be Santa for the 4th floor and one of the other teachers Don did it for the 2nd floor kids. The kids seemed to enjoy it but couldn't concentrate on anything else but Christmas (totally understandable). Each class came and took a picture with Santa and then went back to class for other activities. This was basically a photo opportunity for the school to send to current and perspective parents. Photo ops like this are really common here and exploited a great deal. Enough about that though. The day totally flew by at light speed and was capped with a variety of goodies from the kids. I left with soaps, cookies, lotions, and a sweet bottle of scotch!

Cambodia is right around the corner.... we leave tomorrow!!! I've got most everything in order, just need to pack now.

In a twist of amazingness my wallet magically turned up! It somehow made its way into a drawer that I think in total I've opened 3 times including the time I opened it and found my wallet. Weird but a relief.

Here are some pictures from Christmas at LCI.

Christmas LCI

The one above has the words amazing written all over it.

Christmas LCI

Christmas LCI

LCI Christmas

Listening to The Courteeners Not Nineteen Forever

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