Thursday, September 24, 2009

Field Trip

I went on my first field trip with LCI today. Students and staff piled onto buses and we took a 5 minute drive to Bundang Central Park. The park was pretty awesome and there was tons of space for the kids to spazz out and move around. We played a variety of games that included a mixture of teachers and students. Overall it was pretty entertaining.

Once we finished playing the organized games the kids were aloud to run around and be children. I was super pleased that the school was putting on an event that let the kids actually be kids. At one point there were a group of 15 children chasing pigeons and having an awesome time doing it.

Somehow a chase game started with the kids chasing a teacher. As the teacher got tired they would yell out another teachers name and suddenly 45 kids would stop in their tracks and book it to the next teacher. This proved to be entertaining for about 10 minutes, but the kids really enjoyed it.

Central Park Field Trip
                     Crystal turning the children on me....

Central Park Field Trip

Central Park Field Trip
                             My class getting ready for tug of war.

Central Park Field Trip

Listening to The Airborne Toxic Event The Girls in Their Summer Dresses.

LCI Field Trip


  1. I love that picture of the kids turning on you! :D Classic!