Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Broke the 1,000 Marker

The Korean Rabbit Hole has finally hit 1,000 unique views. Pretty cool if you ask me. Starting to look at different places to go for my winter holiday. Any suggestions?

On a side note.... We were playing Hangman in my kinder class today, and two of the kids were trying to sabotage the game. Kai kept guess obscure letters like Z and X, so when he guessed the letter Q, I decided to write it on the board. His jaw dropped to the floor in amazement. His plan had backfired.... I started to laugh which resulted in the whole class having a pretty solid belly laugh. Kai proceeded to tell me "It was so funny that you wrote that, my eyes started to make a river." His eyes were watering because he was laughing so hard.

No matter how insane the day has been, little things like this make everything better.

Listening to Radiohead Talk Show Host.

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