Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Has it already been 2 weeks....

It's already been two weeks since I've been back from vacation. The major thorn in my side right now is this super cold weather. Being from sunny Southern California (Los Angeles) wild winter weather is not in my blood. I usually enjoy the cold weather but this is just silly. The Monday back from vacation was only a half day because Seoul received record snow. Outside of my window it looked like this.....

Now most of it is beginning to melt away, but a lot of it is still hanging around because Korea is not equipped to handle snow.  I have see old ladies outside of their shops shoveling snow with dust pans.  I don't know if snow plows or shovels don't exist here but something is not right.

I finally found my way to a decent concert here in the non-existent world of quality music (except for K-Pop which makes my skin crawl) here in Korea.   Muse was in town for the first leg of their Asia tour.  I had seen them before and the second time around didn't disappoint.  Next up is Green Day.  They might be a bit past their prime but familiar music will help to soothe the soul.  They also put on a super entertaining concert.

On a different note my co-teacher asked me if I wanted to extend my contract.  I was a bit shocked because I still have 6 months on my original contract.  I don't know if this should be flattering that they want me to stick around or if they are just trying to cover their butts for the following months.  Either way Europe is calling at the end of my contract, so unless they make a super, amazing, wonderful and stupendous offer I am going to have to decline.

All is well here in the odd Rabbit Hole of Korea.  Working on a few things that should hopefully start to come together in the next few months.  I'll keep you posted on that as they come along.

Listening to Red Cortez Laughing Streetcar.


  1. In my best Grandma voice: "I told you to take the red jacket".

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