Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

I've had two friends visiting from home, and it's been awesome having them here. I've know Carlos and Brian for almost 10 years. We all went to college together and lived together for a super long time. Having them here is making me miss home big time. It's been great getting home from work and having my buddies around.

The two of them did a lot of tourist stuff while they were out here, and bought a ton of bootleg stuff for some reason. It's been really funny watching the come back with bags of crap.

The two of them leave tomorrow afternoon bound for Los Angeles. Carlos said he is going to try and send Diet Coke out my way pretty often. The idea of a regular supply of Diet Coke is so exciting, because it is nonexistent here in Korea.

Going to miss having them around.

Listening to Julian Casablancas 4 Chords of the Apocalypse.


  1. Hi, your blog not only entertains me, it keeps me up to date on the football i'm missing since getting to Korea! As a return favour, I can tell you that I have seen some Coke 'light' in Save Zone near Dandaeogeori Station. It might not be the same..but it's close :)

  2. Glad you find it somewhat entertaining! I can tell you that my next adventure will be in search og this Coke Light you speak of.